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As with some things in life, you have to see it to believe it. View some examples of my work with these before/after photos! I take great pride in transforming cluttered spaces to make them more functional and aesthetically pleasing.


What clients have said

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Many of my clients come to me after talking to other happy clients. Feel free to post my flyers in your apartment building laundry room, synagogue, church, workplace, etc.

If a new client identifies you as the referring party, you will earn a discount on future services or I will make a donation to your charity of choice as thanks for spreading the word about my services!

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Please don’t! I get asked this question often and I always say, I want to see the full extent of any disorder in your home and get a chance to see how you live with it. It’s important that I see the piles that habitually appear, so I can figure out how to make them disappear and stay away. Piles provide valuable clues!

Does the organizer come to me?

Yes! All sessions take place in your home or office.

What happens during the session?

After the consultation, the professional organizer acts as a coach and guide, working alongside you the entire time. Together, we will sort and purge, discuss what items should be donated and where, assess the space and challenges and lastly create an efficient and organized space.

Will I stay organized?

We will work with you to establish organizing systems customized to the way you think and live and will teach you the skills needed to maintain order. We can also work with you to create new habits to set you up for success.

How many hours will it take?

The amount of hours given to complete a project varies, however after the consultation, a more accurate estimate will be provided.

What if I feel embarrassed by my mess?

Do not feel embarrassed! As a professional organizer, social worker by training and mom, no judgements are ever made. My approach is gentle and hands on, meeting my clients needs with the utmost care and respect. Everything discussed during our time together remains completely confidential and the social work and NAPO code of ethics are adhered to strictly.

How are the services billed?

Your Amazing Space offers two ways to purchase organizing services: single-session and multi-session packages, generally with a two-hour minimum per session. In two hours, we can make improvements in your space! However, each session rarely lasts more than three hours, as productivity and enthusiasm levels drop off as fatigue sets in. The value you receive is immeasurable. We direct, empower, and coach you to an organized life.

Can I check client references?

Yes! Just ask me for references.

Can I give the gift of organizing to a spouse, parent or friend?


How do I get started?

If you have other questions that haven’t been answered in this “frequently asked questions” section, or you’d like to set up an organizing session, please call Dahlia Bellows, LMSW at 917-539-9071 or email

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