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Expectant Parent(s)

What do you really need and when do you really need it? What resources can help you plan for your newborn?

When you become pregnant, the world seems to move at the speed of light. People offer all kinds of well-intentioned advice. Pregnancy books are replete with wonderful information, but it is understandably directed at a mass audience.

I provide individually tailored information for your specific situation, living space, and personality. Whether you’re deciding between a high chair, swings, crib, dresser, changing table, sheets, pads, onesies with side-snaps or bottom snaps, I can help guide you in making decisions that will work for you.

As a mother of three, I can truly relate to the exciting and simultaneously overwhelming feeling of bringing a newborn into this world. My solutions will help to make your transition to parenthood as easy as possible.

Organizing With Children

As our children grow, they develop their own personalities and behaviors. I assist children of all ages in developing executive functioning skills that result in higher success socially, emotionally and academically.  With extensive experience as a social worker focused on children and families, I have a natural ability to understand and connect with kids. This connection allows me to understand their unique organizational styles and cooperatively develop a system that will work for them and can be maintained by them.

Areas of focus may include:

Child’s Bedroom

Child’s Home Desk Area

Bookcase/Storage Areas

Child’s Personal Space

Backpack/School Desk

System for School Assignments

Home Professional Organizational Solutions by Dahlia Bellows

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