About Me

I’m Dahlia Bellows, a professional organizer and Licensed Master Social Worker based in New York City. I’m a mother of three and the wife of a “rehabilitated” clutter lover. Growing up in New York City I learned early on how to maximize space. With more than a decade of experience working with children and families in multiple settings, I’ve been able to assist a wide variety of clients, ranging in age, professions and organizing needs. My overall goal is to empower my clients and increase their quality of life.

Professional Organizer Dahlia Bellows

Why Us?

No clutter is too big or too small

From Wall Street offices to wardrobe closets, I’ve learned that a gentle, hands-on approach is most effective. Once your space is organized, we collaborate to develop a personally tailored, manageable plan to ensure that “your amazing space” stays that way.

My background in social work has given me a unique perspective and level of empathy when it comes to helping my clients. Issues with organization and clutter can stem from psychological factors beneath the surface. My method involves working to understand these factors while we declutter and organize your space. Once you have a livable, clutter free and orderly space, you can begin to experience psychological benefits.

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We’ll start with a consultation and then develop a package-based or hourly plan that meets your needs.

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